July 13, 2018

National Health - Live in Breda, Netherlands (28/04/1979)

1. National Health live in Breda (1:42.47)

Hatfield and the North – Live at Surrey University in Guildford, UK (1974)

Thanks to Joerg Reinicke for this recording of Hatfield and the North at Surrey University in Guildford on the 9th of November 1974.

This is a fairly ambient room mic recording, a spirited and lively performance but a little bass light. Some incredible blowing and re-arrangements here proving how fluid The Hatfields could be live.

Dave Stewart – keyboards
Phil Miller – guitar
Richard Sinclair – bass, vocals
Pip Pyle – drums

Note: The opening acts were Kevin Coyne & Coxhill / Miller

June 18, 2018

Magma - L'Olympia Paris France (1980)

Paris, France

d1t1 Kobaia (10:26)
d1t2 Band Intros (2:46)
d1t3 Ki Iahl O Liahk (10:23)
d1t4 "Iss" Lansei Doia (10:59)
d1t5 Kohntarkosz part 1 (10:19)
d1t6 Kohntarkosz part 2 (21:36)

d2t1 Theusz Hamtaahk part 1 (23:53)
d2t2 Theusz Hamtaahk part 2 (9:12)
d2t3 Retrovision (18:18)
d2t4 Hhai (14:08)

d3t1 Zess (34:50)
d3t2 Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (43:00)

Rick Wakeman - Boston Music Hall (1974)

 Rick Wakeman
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA
October 5, 1974

Disc One:
1: Horizon
2: Symphony 1 D Minor
Opus 13 (Rachinaninow)
3: Catherine Parr
4: Catherine Howard
5: Ann Boleyn
6: Something Completely Different

Disc Two:
1: Journey/Recollection
2: Battle/Forest
3: And Maybe Something Else
Completely Different

May 18, 2018

Magma - Tsutaya O-East, Tokyo, Japan (2015-06-05)

Tsutaya O-East, Tokyo, Japan

Disc 1
1. (intro)
2. Kohntarkosz
3. Slag Tanz

Disc 2
1. (intro)
2. M.D.K.
3. Zombies

Stella Vander (vo)
Isabelle Feuillebois (vo)
Herve Aknin (vo)
Benoit Alziary (vib)
James Mac Gaw (g)
Jeremie Ternoy (pf)
Philippe Bussonnet (b)
Christian Vander (dr, vo)

Steve Hillage - Free Concert, Hyde Park, London, England (September 18, 1976)

Steve Hillage
Free Concert
Hyde Park
September 18, 1976

I just picked up this Hillage cd at a local record shop while I was meeting a college buddy who was dropping his son off at university and no it wasn't on the back of a turnip truck. Don't we get old fast. So from college days and record shops to youse guys.
SO the lineage goes silver back & EAV & traders little helper & upload & you...
It's a nice Hillage show,albeit short, but it's live Hillage!!! It sounds like the recording is from the mixing desk as there is separation and the sound moves around so stereo.Oh the Hillage yelling at people to stop fighting is in the Solar Music Suite..

Track list:
1.Hurdy Gurdy Man 6.46
2.Hurdy Gurdy Glissando 12.03
3.Solar Music Suite 19.37
4.All Too Much 9.19

Steve Hillage ( guitar )
Clive Bunker (drums)
Colin Bass (bass)
Christian Boule (guitar)
Phil Hodges (keyboards)
Basil Brooks (synthesiser)
Miquette Giraudy (synthesiser, vocals)

I found the below on a site called "eFestivals.co.uk"...

"A real biggie, and the last concert held in the park for many years. Supposedly 200,000 turned up, mostly to see Queen, whose stock had been rising rapidly , they were well on the way to becoming superstars. Apparently Richard Branson of Virgin records was instrumental in organising the show although the headliners were restricted to an 80 min set due to a curfew. Police threatened to bang up Freddie in the cells if the band came back on after the allotted tiem, thus no encores."

Jeremy Smith writes

This was a really great day out and well organised.

I don't remember much about the music except Supercharge - they were pretty bland and unfunny
Kiki Dee - she had just had this hit with Elton John and she played it but I don't remember much else.
Steve Hillage - I was really into him at the time and thought he played really well. It would have been most of the hippy stuff from fish rising. Queen - OK can't remember much - they were not as good as when I first saw then in 72/73 when they were just starting - I'm sure we had a good sing along.
Anyway one bit I do remember well was that there was a fight during Steve Hillage. He stopped playing and made some speech about how people should be peaceful etc and use positive energies or some hippie bullshit. Of course this didn't work so he yelled out - really loudly - STOP FUCKING

Van Der Graaf Generator ‎– BBC In Concert - 23rd September 1971

BBC In Concert
23 September 1971
(broadcast 5 October 1971)

Track List:
1. Man-Erg
2. W
3. Killer
4. Theme One
5. Dambusters March
Source: The first 3 tracks are taken from an original radio show LP even if they may have been recorded onto tape first, as suggested by the sound quality features, so the lineage could be: original radio show LP>tape>cd. The last 2 tracks come clearly from an off-radio broadcast recording and are obviously not as good as the first 3 but stll very good.
Lineage: 1-3 'VdGG On The Air' (shn files) ; 4-5 Pilgrimage 13 (remastered by calayx1)

Editing Information:
- Original source of P13 tracks was 'Radio & TV/1968-1977' CDr
- Goldwave 5.10 pop/click function to remove some clicks.
- Boosted volume in both channels (more so in LH) on tracks 1-3 to bring volume up to levels on 4-5 and patched in applause at the end of Man-Erg
- Removed silence at end of OTA tracks with cross-fades