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FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 18-06-2016 Domicil Dortmund (Germany)

Flat Earth Society: Terms of Embarrassment - Frank Zappa
Die Flat Earth Society, 1998 gegründet, ist eine renommierte Big Band aus Belgien, die u.a. bereits mit Toots Thielemans, Mike Patton, Uri Caine, Jimi Tenor oder Ernst Reijsegger gearbeitet hat. Das aktuelle Projekt "Terms of Embarrassment" ist dem großartigen Frank Zappa gewidmet. Letzter hat den musikalischen Big-Band-Gründer und -Leiter Peter Vermeersch zweifellos stark beeindruckt und darüber hinaus lassen sich bei beiden viele gemeinsame musikalische Helden und Quellen ausmachen. Mit den beiden Gitarristen Pierre Vervloesem und Mauro Pawlowski als im Vordergrund stehende Solisten wird viel frisches Material aus eigener Feder gespielt, weshalb man keinen Cover-Abend erwarten sollte und darf: Wundervoll "peinliche Momente", neue Stücke wie "Hail Gail!" und natürlich das eine oder andere Zappa-Original und -Zitat.

Flat Earth Society - Terms of Embarrassment
Domicil, Dortmund (Germany)
June 18, 2016

Benjamin Boutreur: altosax
Bruno Vansina: altosax, baritonesax
Peter Delannoye: trombone
Marc Meeuwissen: trombone
Berlinde Deman: tuba
Luc Van Lieshout: trumpet
Bart Maris: trumpet
Michel Mast: tenorsax
Tom Wouters: clarinet, vibraphone
Kristof Roseeuw: bass
Peter Vandenberghe: piano, keyboards
Pierre Vervloesem: guitar
Teun Verbruggen: drums

01. Ahmad & Juan (Peter Vermeersch) (10:44)
02. Trip It (4:13)
03. Random Riffs (Frank Zappa) (3:52)
04. Crimatristicology (8:51)
05. Announcement (0:26)
06. Mr. Cooper at the Dentist / A-Maximus / No One Left (17:17)
07. Announcement (0:17)
08. Abracadabra (Pierre Vervloesem) (4:47)
09. Me Standard, You Poor (Peter Vermeersch) (4:25)
10. Broadcast outro (0:59)

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 11th May 2012 Vortex Jazz Club, London (UK)

Flat Earth Society
The Vortex, London
Recorded: 11th May 2012

Broadcast: 18th June 2012
BBC Radio 3: Jazz on 3
Jez Nelson presents Belgium's Flat Earth Society in concert at the Vortex in London. This 15-piece 'anarcho big band', led by composer/arranger and clarinetist Peter Vermeersch, have been performing their brand of eccentric, theatrical music for over a decade. Coloured by film, circus and burlesque styles, the ensemble celebrates bizarre juxtapositions, moving between riotous groove music and more tender sound explorations. 

1 - Pyschoscout (6.09)
2 - Goat's Wool Without Abbas (6.50)
3 - Meet Luke Devereaux (7.17)
4 - Experiments With the Revival of Organisms (7.35)
5 - Kotopoulopology (5.36)
6 - Six Pine Trees (4.13)
7 - Snaggletooth (8.35)
8 - Stoptime Rag (4.24)
9 - Radio Outro (0.29)
Total time 51:09

Michel Mast (tenor sax)
Benjamin Boutreur (alto sax)
Bruno Vansina (baritone sax, flute)
Bart Maris (trumpet)
Luc Van Lieshout (trumpet);
Stefaan Blancke (trombone)
Marc Meeuwissen (trombone)
Berlinde Deman (tuba)
Kristof Roseeuw (double bass)
Peter Vandenberghe (piano, keyboards)
Teun Verbruggen (drums);
Peter Vermeersch (clarinet)
Pierre Vervloesem (guitar)
Wim Willaert (accordion, keyboard)
Tom Wouters (clarinet, vibraphone)

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 13-12-2013 "MODERNSKI" De Kring Roosendaal (Netherland)

De Kring
Roosendaal, The Netherlands

R6 Soul & Jazz 2014-03-30 and 2014-03-31

‘Modernski’ (referring to the nickname that Schönberg invented for Stravinsky), initiated in 2006 as part of the Flanders Festival, is chiefly a ‘research project’. A selection of lesser known 20th century works is freshened up and arranged for the complement of 14 FES musicians. ‘Modernski’ is a work in progress; the repertoire will grow with every year. Already arranged are the ‘Ebony Concerto’ by Stravinsky and work by Mauricio Raùl Kagel and Tom Dissevelt. Peter Vermeersch and Peter Vandenberghe (his right hand) plan shortly to work on ‘Scherzo à la russe’ by Stravinsky, ‘Non loin de la Chine’ by Ennio Morricone and some pieces by Paul Bowles (writer of ‘The Sheltering Sky’ who was most productive as a composer in the 40ies and 50ies). This project appeals to a relatively new audience of classical music lovers and those who dote on cross-over music, and opens up for FES a new circuit of venues that are focused on that specific kind of music.

Peter Vermeersch : klarinet, artistieke leiding
Stefaan Blancke : trombone
Berlinde Deman : tuba
Bart Maris : trompet
Michel Mast : tenorsax
Marc Meeuwissen : trombone
Kristof Roseeuw : contrabas
Luc Van Lieshout : trompet
Benjamin Boutreur : altsax
Peter Vandenberghe : piano, keyboard
Bruno Vansina : baritonsax
Teun Verbruggen : drums
Pierre Vervloesem : gitaar
Wim Willaert : accordeon, keyboard
Tom Wouters : klarinet, vibrafoon

*radio intro
1. Màrsche 3, from Zehn Màrsche, um den Sieg zu verfehlen (Mauricio Kagel)
2. Màrsche 4, from Zehn Màrsche, um den Sieg zu verfehlen (Mauricio Kagel)
*radio outro track 2
*radio intro track 3
Ebony Concerto (Igor Stravinsky) :
3. Allegro moderato
4. Andante
5. Moderato. Con moto
6. The Rich Man's Blues (Peter Vandenberghe) {fade out}
*radio outro track 6
*radio intro track 7
7. 100.000 Huishoudens - part 1 (Fulco Ottervanger)
8. 100.000 Huishoudens - part 2 (Fulco Ottervanger)
9. 100.000 Huishoudens - part 3
10. Wise as Serpents (Lisa Cay Miller)
# radio outro track 10
# radio intro track 11
Rapsodie Nègre, Op. 1 (Francis Poulenc) :
11. Prèlude
12. Rondo
13. Honoloulou (intermède vocal)
14. Pastorale
15. Finale
16. Variations
*radio outro track 16
*interview 1 (3:13)
*interview 2 (2:13)

This broadcast provides segments from one of the two concerts FES did with this concept in 2013
(Complete) Programma:
Igor Stravinsky - Ebony Concerto
Francis Poulenc - Rapsodie Nègre
Gyòrgy Ligeti - 5 bagatellen
Scott Joplin - Stop Time Rag
Mauricio Kagel - Zehn Màrsche, um den Sieg zu verfehlen
Fulco Ottervanger - 100.000 huishoudens
Lisa Cay Miller - Wise as serpents
Peter Vermeersch - stukken uit het FES-repertoire
Peter Vandenberghe - stukken uit het FES-repertoire
Tom Wouters - stukken uit het FES-repertoire

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 2015-11-25 FES at SESC Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Festival Música Estranha [Strange Music Festival]
25/11, Quarta, 21h
Teatro Sesc Vila Mariana. Rua Pelotas, 141, Vila Mariana, SP
FES – Flat Earth Society (Bélgica) – Censura: 12 anos
Ingressos: R$ 20,00 (inteira), R$ 10,00 (meia) e R$ 6,00 (credencial plena)

Me Standard, You Poor
Graveyard Scuba
[on "Graveyard Scuba"]
Six Pine Trees
Domination of Black
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms [cuts out]
[cuts in]?
Meet Luke Devereaux [cuts out]
[encore intro]
Polévka [cuts out]
Polévka [ending]

Duration: 75'57"

venerdì 25 agosto 2017

Big Big Train - The Second Brightest Star (2017)

Artist: Big Big Train
Album: The Second Brightest Star
Country: UK
Genre: Crossover Prog
Year of release: 2017
Format: FLAC (image +.cue,log,scans)
Size: 496 Mb

01. The Second Brightest Star 7:17
02. Haymaking 3:24
03. Skylon 6:44
04. London Stone 2:00
05. The Passing Widow 5:33
06. The Leaden Stour 7:19
07. Terra Australis Incognita 4:19
08. Brooklands Sequence 17:33
09. London Plane Sequence 13:17
10. The Gentlemen's Reprise 3:02

Duration: 01:10:27

Line-up / Musicians:
- David Longdon / lead & backing vocals, flute, melodica, electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, piano, celesta, synth, mandolin, lute, percussion
- Dave Gregory / 6- & 12-string electric guitars
- Andy Poole / acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
- Rikard Sjöblom / guitars, keyboards (1), backing vocals
- Danny Manners / keyboards, double bass
- Rachel Hall / violin, viola, cello, backing vocals, string arrangements
- Greg Spawton / bass, bass pedals, backing vocals
- Nick D'Virgilio / drums, percussion, backing vocals

- Dave Desmond / trombone, brass arrangements
- John Storey / euphonium
- Nick Stones / French horn
- Ben Godfrey / trumpet, cornet
- Jonathan Truscott / tuba
- Lucy Curnow / violin
- Keith Hobday / viola
- Evie Anderson / cello
- Philip Trzebiatowski / cello

Procol Harum - Live At The Felt Forum (1974)

1974 | Live At The Felt Forum
Format: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Size: 223.86 Мb
Uploaded to:,

CD 1:
01. Butterfly Boys
02. Bringing Home the Bacon 
03. Conquistador 
04. Grand Hotel 
05. Whaling Stories 
06. As Strong as Samson 
07. The Idol 
08. A Salty Dog 
09. The Thin End of the Wedge
10. The Devil Came From Kansas
11. Beyond the Pale 

CD 2:
12 Power Failure 
13. Nothing But the Truth 
14. Simple Sister 
15. Little Queenie
16. Old Black Joe 
17. A Whiter Shade of Pale

Gary Brooker - voice & piano
Mick Grabham - guitar
Chris Copping - Hammond organ
Alan Cartwright - bass
BJ Wilson - drums