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Jethro Tull - Supercharged Through L.A. (20/06/1973 & 10/02/1975 The Los Angeles Forum, Ingelwood)

20/06/1973, The Los Angeles Forum, Ingelwood
10/02/1975, The Los Angeles Forum, Ingelwood
total time: 131:08 mn (90:13 + 40:55 mn)
Source : Soundboard + Audience
Disc 1
Live at L.A. Forum, July 1975
1. Passion Play (41:49)
2. Thick as a Brick (17:23)
3 Wind Up (11:11)
total time:70:23

Disc 2
tracks 1-4: Live at L.A. Forum, July 1973
tracks 5-10: Live at L.A. Forum, Feb. 1975

1. Cross Eyed Mary (4:00)
2. No Rehearse I (14:00)
3. No Rehearse II (1:50)
4. Aqualung (6:55)
5. Medley (Bouree/Living in the Past/Pop Goes the Weasel/Sea Lion) (7:31)
6. My God (8:58)
7. Skating Away (3:58)
8. Wondring aloud (4:46)
9. War Child (6:26)
10. Bungle in the Jungle (2:21)
total time: 60:45

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Jethro Tull - 06-04-1977 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA (USA)

 1977-04-06 | Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA
Liberated VINYL bootleg

01 Wondring Aloud 2:45
02 (Intro) Skating 0:33
03 Skating Away 3:55
04 (Intro) Jack 0:42
05 Jack in the Green 3:10
06 (Intro) Thick 0:22
07 Thick as a Brick 13:13
08 (Intro) Songs 1:52
09 Songs From the Wood 5:16
10 (Intro) Velvet 1:21
11 Velvet Green 6:33
12 (Intro) A Hunting 0:45
13 A Hunting Girl 5:22
*(there is an obvious cut here that is present on the vinyl)
14 (Intro) TOTRNR 0:24
15 Too Old to Rock to Rock and Roll 3:56
TIME 50:09

01 Beethovens Ninth 3:24
02 Minstrel in the Gallery 5:38
03 Cross Eyed Mary 3:42
04 Aqualung 8:09
05 Guitar Solo 3:18
06 Wind Up 4:54
07 Back Door Angels 5:04
08 Wind Up reprise 3:03
09 Locomotive Breath 7:31
10 Back Door Angels reprise 1:21
TIME 46:04

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, cymbals, whip
Martin Barre - electric guitar, marimba
John Evan - piano, organ, accordion, synthesizers, balloons
Barrie Barlow - drums, bells, kilt, glockenspiel
David Palmer - portative pipe organ, harpsichord, saxophone, synthesizers
John Glascock - bass guitar

Notes: It was missing the song "Songs From the Wood".
It had a total time of 1:28:22
This vinyl version has a time 1:36:13

Both have similar overall sound qualities.
When I listened to songs on a side by side comparison, they were almost indistinguishable.
In fact, when listening to the CD version I think I heard a pop or two, so it MAY have originated from vinyl.
Why they would remove only one song (SFTW) escapes me.
If that had made it fit on a single CD I'd understand, but it didn't.
Oh well, who can figure out the mind of a profiteer?

"A Sackful Of Trousersnakes"
Ruthless Rhymes Records
it says: 1971 Made in Germany, An Original First Pressing
matrix on the runoff track is JT-200

Hot Wacks lists this as being on Rodan Records with the same matrix number.
I did get this very soon after the show so I'm guessing that this MAY be the first release and that the Rodan version is a subsequent release.
The Collecting Tull web site
has this to offer:
Rodan Records JT200 (Green coloured cover insert with All Black Label)
Rodan Records JT200 (Blue/Red coloured cover insert with Yellow German Label)

My color insert is yellow and red with 1 LP having a b/w label, and the other a yellow and black label. The Rodan version had a fold-over insert that listed song titles on the back.
The Ruthless Rhymes version had a single (non-fold-over) insert with NO song titles.
Years ago I, unfortunately, cut up the insert to make a more pleasing cover for the LP, incorporating photos instead of the original 2-color xerox sheet.
This has always been one of my favorite Tull boots.
I saw this tour and have VERY fond memories of it.
It was Tull at one of their peaks.
I got this boot, it seems like, only months (maybe a year) after it was recorded and listened to it for years.
That's why it needed some de-clicking (see below).
If you got the recent torrent of the CD version of this
you may want to pass this up, or you may not.
Or, if you use Azereus, you can just pick the files that you want (tracks 8 & 9, and any others that you wish)
THE TRANSFER FROM VINY TO DIGITAL *** clicks, pops, surface noise ***
Realize that this is a much-love, frequently-played slab of vinyl that is almost 30 years old.
As a result I had to do two things to make it presentable:
1 - Some serious de-clicking was done.
I did each big click individually, not the whole thing all at once, so as to preserve more of the sound.
Surface noise is next to impossible to remove with the gear I have.
It's also good to remember the charming qualities (noise, clicks, etc.) inherent in the vinyl medium, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
The beginning of the each side always has the most wear.
2 - I also did fades in and out at the begining and end of each LP side.
No other enhancement or "improvements" have been made.
Even with the de-pop-ization that I performed there is still plenty of surface noise for your listening enjoyment, especially at the beginning of each side (Wondring Aloud, SFTW, Beethoven's 9th, Guitar Solo) and during the quieter moments.
Recently on one of the Tull torrents there was discussion about how best to track songs.
I agree with those that think song intros should be part of the song and not be at the end of the preceeding song.
However, I understand that sometimes it IS nice to skip the intros.
So, I've decided to track it a third way, giving the intros their own track.
That way if you want to skip it, you can.

Jethro Tull - 16-03-1977 Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY (USA)

March 16, 1977 | Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY
From the digitised Master Audience cassette

Ian Anderson - flute, guitar, and sings
Martin Barre - guitars, marimba
John Evan - keyboards, drums
Barrie Barlow - percussion
David Palmer - keyboards, sax
John Glascock - bass

Disc 1
01 Instrumental Quartet 2:33
02 Wondr'ing Aloud 2:28
03 Skating Away 3:50
04 Jack-In-The-Green 3:27
05 Thick As A Brick 13:00
06 Band Introduction 1:37
07 Songs From The Wood 4:52
08 Instrumental-Drum Solo 4:15
09 To Cry You A Song 2:32
10 A New Day Yesterday 2:49
11 Flute Solo 7:22
12 Living In The Past 1:39
13 A New Day Yesterday (reprise) 1:06
Total Time 51:30

Disc 2
01 Intro Discussion 1:35
02 Velvet Green 6:22
03 Hunting Girl 5:35
04 Too Old To Rock'N'Roll 4:12
05 Beethoven's Ninth Symphony 3:16
06 Minstrel In The Gallery 5:24
07 Cross-Eyed Mary 3:39
08 Aqualung 8:05

09 Guitar Solo (begin cut) 2:50
10 Wind-Up 4:41
11 Back Door Angels 6:41
12 Locomotive Breath 5:18
13 Land Of Hope & Glory (cut) 1:12
Total Time: 58:38

1. Noise Reduction using multiple techniques.
2. Speed Correction.
3. Repair of clicks, pops and bumps.
4. Tonality adjustment to correct muffled segments.
5. Adjust and correct flat Dynamics.
6. Re-track.

Jethro Tull - 19-02-1977 Southampton, England (UK)

1977-02-19 | Southampton, England

1. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
2. Jack In The Green
3. Thick As A Brick
4. Songs From The Wood
5. Velvet Green: not included: official track on "20 years of Jethro Tull"
6. Hunting Girl
7. Aqualung
8. Wind Up
9. Locomotive Breath
10. Sweet Dream
11. Dark Ages
12. Dark Ages (Studio Outtake)
13. Wardrobe Whopper

Track 5 Velvet green not included: official track of 3CD-Box "20 years of Jethro Tull"
Track 1-9 recorded live in Southampton 19.Feb.1977 BBC In Concert
Track 10-11 recorded live in April 1979 during US-Tour
Track 12 is an A capella Version
Track 13 recorded during the session for a Burger King jingle

Jethro Tull - 12-02-1977 Hammersmith Odeon, London (UK)

12th February 1977 | Hammersmith Odeon, London

1. Wondering Aloud
2. Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day
3. Jack in the Green
4. Thick as a Brick
5. Songs from the Wood
6. To Cry You a Song
7. New Day Yesterday - flute solo (fades out)

Notes: Sourced from master cassette, which has been in the taper's possession and untraded since the concert. The taper has never been a taper or trader, just took his tape deck to the concert that night out of curiosity to see what he would get. The tape was then forgotten. Knowing my interest in concert recordings, one day he pulled the tape from a cardboard box and asked if it would be of interest to anyone! Since I made this transcription, it has gone out to a few dedicated Jethro Q. Bonwackett collectors, who may have traded it on. But my guess is this recording has not had a wide circulation, if any. Sound quality is a good B+ to my ears, very listenable. Its mono, clear and undistorted. I've remastered carefully, equalising, attenuating hiss slightly, and bringing out as much of the top end clarity as possible. The real problem is that the batteries ran flat about 40 min into the show, so its only the first third of the gig. This doesn't cause the usual pitch rise phenomenon, instead the sound level just vanishes into inaudability. This happens during Ian's flute solo, and is actually somewhat atmospheric, in a 'disappearing into the sunset' kind of way. Up to the last few minutes, the recording is perfectly fine, a great show and an enjoyable listen.

Jethro Tull - 07-02-1977 Live In Beatle City Empire Theater, Liverpool (UK)

Live In Beatle City Empire Theater, Liverpool, England | February 7, 1977
Audience Recording

01. Wondr'ing Aloud
02. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
03. Jack-In-The-Green
04. Thick As A Brick
05. Songs From The Wood
06. Instrumental
07. To Cry You A Song
08. A New Day Yesterday
09. Flute Solo (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & Bourée)
10. Living In The Past
11. Velvet Green
12. Hunting Girl
13. Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll; Too Young To Die
14. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
15. Minstrel In The Gallery
16. Aqualung
17. Guitar Solo
18. Wind-Up
19. Back-Door Angels
20. Wind-Up (Reprise)
21. Locomotive Breath
22. Land Of Hope And Glory/Back-Door Angels (Reprise)

Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, bamboo flute, guitar
Martin Barre – guitar, mandolin
John Evan – keyboards
John Glascock – bass, vocals
Barriemore Barlow – drums, percussion
David Palmer – keyboards

Jethro Tull - 22-01-1977 Radio City Music Hall New York City, NY (USA)

22-01-1977 | Radio City Music Hall New York City, NY (USA)
Incomplete Excellent Audience Recording

1. Wond'ring Aloud
2. Skating Away...
3. Jack In The Green
4. Thick As A Brick
5. Songs From The Wood
6. Instrumental incl.Drum Solo
7. To Cry You A Song
8. A New Day Yesterday
9. Flute Solo/Bouree'/ Living In The Past (Instr.)
10. Velvet Green

1. Hunting Girl
2. Too Old To Rock-N-Roll...
3. Beethoven's 9th Symphony
4. Minstrel In The Gallery
5. Cross-Eyed Mary
6. Aqualung
7. Guitar Solo
8. Wind Up
9. Bacdoor Angels/ Wind Up (reprise)
10. Locomotive Breath/ Backdoor Angels (reprise)

Ian Anderson - Vocals/Flute/Harmonica/Acoustic Guitar
Martine Barre - Guitars
John Evan - Organ/Piano
David Palmer - Organ/synthesisers
John Glascock - Bass/Voices
Barriemore Barlow - Drums/Percussion